The last time I sat down and talked about myself was quite a long time ago. So please do not judge me if I talk a little bit more than you would like to hear. Sometimes when I start it is hard for me to stop. I will go ahead and try and make this short and sweet for you guys.

My name is Laura, I am a armature dog trainer and enthusiast. What can I say, I love dogs and always have. They are just so loving and caring I have always had a soft spot in my heart for these creatures. I have two PitBull's myself and they are just like my children. They do everything with me and I keep them around me constantly.

I decided a few years back that I loved dogs so much I wanted to go into business with them. Being a personal dog trainer has a lot of benefits but there are a few negatives that come with it. I do not get as many clients as I would like and I am currently struggling for cash. However the positives outweigh the negatives pretty well. It does not really get much better than being around dogs for a job. At least nothing is better for me. Anyway, I want to welcome you guys to my blog and I am excited to see where this can take us in this bright future! :)